Sweet Table / Sweet Buffet


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Everyone loves a sweet buffet these days and they seem to be extremely popular, but mine is a little different. The buffets are £150, but that includes plenty of sweets as each buffet has 10 jars and personalised sweet bags.

buy provigil fast RUSTIC SWEET BUFFET

The Rustic Sweet table comes built up out of fruit crates, each crate will house a jar of sweets and small rustic charms such as horse shoes, books, flowers (to suit your day colour) and brown personalised sweet bags. The jars will be pretty rustic jars such as mason, kilner and some mad dotty pastel lidded jars too.

buy erythromycin 2 topical solution VINTAGE SWEET BUFFET

If Vintage is for you then you’ll love this vintage sweet buffet. Arranged on a white vintage style table, the cut crystal bowls and cakes stands adorned with sweets are sure to bring joy to any palate. The personalised sweet bags with a thank you from the Bride and Groom often replaces the traditional favours.

http://theedgeokc.com/concert-calendar/?event_id2=902 THOROUGHLY MODERN SWEET BUFFET

If you prefer a more modern look to your table then I have a buffet for you. Sweet jar lids decorated with ribbons will set off your party. All the sweets can be themed to your colour scheme if that’s your preference so please just ask. Again, the buffet comes complete with personalised sweet bags.