6ft Gold Pillars With Foliage

We are so pleased to welcome these gorgeous gold hollow square pillars to our collection – standing at an impressive 6ft tall! They are decorated with three handmade (of course) foliage & floral arrangements, for an extra bit of drama and to tie in with your florals of the day. We have two pillars available and they can be used as either a backdrop, or to decorate open spaces and alcoves which need some love and attention.

Recently, they stood either side of a ceremony table between our floral hoop, for an intimate enclosure, and were later moved (as they are super light!) to either side of the entrance, along with some cylinder vases in the middle, which has earlier lined the aisle. We love a multi-purpose hire item here, where you can utilise pieces more than once, saving your pennies to be spent on other important things!

Our pillars must be hired as a pair and are £150. We hope you love!